Recently I was told, “If you publish with us, we have POD available too, and nobody will know you are print on demand.” But I believe in transparency. I also believe in doing what makes sense.


  • Paying 90% royalties to a publishing house does not make sense.
  • Losing rights to your work and characters does not make sense.
  • Housing large quantities of inventory does not make sense.
  • Waiting years to publish your book doesn’t make sense.


Dick and Karlene Petitt have been married 31 years and counting. They have raised three daughters, and have six grandchildren. Dick Petitt is the foundation to the business. His education and practical experience in marketing and business management and love of books make him a natural for a new publishing model like Jet Star. As an airline pilot Karlene holds multiple type ratings, and has been a flight instructor for major airlines for 21 years—She has the ability to learn complex systems, and teach them to others. She has written numerous training programs for major airlines. She holds a MBA degree—advertising, marketing, and business management. She trusts in the concept of POD as an excellent business model—why would anyone tie up thousands of dollars of inventory to sit in a backroom, collecting dust, if they didn’t have to? She also holds a MHS degree—emphasis in psychology and human nature, both passions of hers, and blend well with marketing and cover creation.


Why do I have the ability to help you bring your book to market? I’ve gone through the process, learned what works, located a team of experts, and I’m willing to share my experience with you. If I can teach someone how to fly a 747, I can teach you how to create a book that will fly off the shelf. I have an eye for creativity, quality, and the perfectionist attitude I can find any inconsistency, no matter how subtle—I am the book detective. The cover from my first novel, Flight For Control also speaks volumes, on the ability to bring the book to life.

Along with my upper level education and years of writing experience, I have spent three years researching the process of book writing and publishing by reading hundreds of books, attending workshops and conferences, and locating experts in the field as resources. My team is ready to go.

Why do I have the ability to manage a publishing company? I have Owned and Operated a larger grocery store for over 21-years, dealing with advertising, marketing and customer service. Running a successful business depends upon three things: Integrity, commitment, and follow through. As an avid reader myself I have been involved in editing numerous novels including the best selling novel,  Flight For Control

I have recently left my career to focus full time on the development and management of Jet Star Publishing. For anyone willing to do the work, I will be the wind beneath your wings. My guarantee to you is customer service.

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