Friday, January 4, 2013

Titles By Jet Star

Aviation Thrillers

4th in the series... 
Flight For Sanity
Taking Flight March 2017


More On the Horizon
Taking Flight March 2018

Jet Star Publishing

Changing the world one word at a time 
by bringing quality books to life.

The wind has shifted, and the publishing industry has changed. To stay on course authors need to adjust their strategy. Jet Star Publishing is more than an independent press. We have a mission—Join our team, and we won’t allow you to publish your book before its time. More than that, we will assist you in making your work the best it can be. Our goal is to make you a success. Thriller, Romance, Mystery, Education, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children's, Memoir… whatever you write we can bring it to life.

The fact that self-publishing has been made available to everyone has created an online slush-pile. Who does the reader trust? The answer: Books brought to market by Jet Star Publishing. One book at a time, we will prove our worth. Jet Star Publishing will earn the reputation of publishing only quality POD (print-on-demand) books. Readers will have confidence that a book produced by Jet Star Publishing is one of quality when making a decision to purchase a book on-line.

Pilots know the value of working together, building upon the skills and synergy of each other, for a successful flight. Teamwork is the key. Your team will work closely with you to strategically get your book ready for publication, and then bring it to market.

Flight Plan:
Multiple edits, back and forth, by readers and yourself will begin the process. We will find any hole, discrepancy, character flaw, and motivation issue that may be lurking within the pages. Both story and line edits will create a product worth reading. Design for production, and a cover design are part of our commitment to excellence. Personalized marketing strategies, designed to give your book the best leverage will be provided.

Ready For Takeoff:
Not everyone’s book is ready to for takeoff. But if yours is, take the next step to submission guidelines.